Ross Cooper

Inspira Marketing Group

United States

Ross Cooper is a Senior Integrated Strategist at Inspira and a pragmatic marketer known for his uncanny ability to tackle unpredictable challenges. Ross seamlessly blends his passion for exploration with a deep-rooted understanding of diverse audiences, from Gen Z to Boomers, ensuring that each customer experience is both insightful and engaging. Throughout his career, Ross has consistently embarked on quests for knowledge, always aiming to revolutionize the event industry. He’s collaborated with a myriad of teams, from concepters and designers to programmers, each time creating standout marketing solutions that resonate with a broad audience spectrum.

Beyond his professional acumen, Ross is a theater aficionado, a jazz enthusiast since his school days, and has a unique talent for identifying celebrity voiceovers in TV commercials—a fun pastime he shares with his children. His vast experiences and his talent for marrying data-driven strategies with intuitive marketing make Ross an invaluable voice on the Event Tech Pull Up. We’re eager to delve into the intricacies of data for conferences and events with him today!


Decoding Event Data: How EQ Meets IQ with Ross Cooper

Episode: 30