DJ Graffiti

DJ Graffiti

United States

In the world of DJing, Martin Smith, aka DJ Graffiti stands out as a true innovator. Having embarked on his journey as a club and concert DJ in Detroit, he has graced stages alongside music giants like Eminem, Beyoncé, Big Sean, Jay-Z, and Snoop Dogg, setting the scene on fire with his musical prowess.

However, he didn’t limit himself to the confines of the DJ booth. In a remarkable twist, he combined his legal and business acumen, becoming the visionary owner of a digital marketing agency. Here, he lent his expertise to clients, offering invaluable assistance with content creation, strategic planning, traffic management, and sales conversion. Yet, despite the success, there was something missing – that spark of passion.

The turning point arrived amidst the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this challenging period, DJ Graffiti discovered an extraordinary opportunity to uplift spirits through his talents. He initiated a venture that would touch countless lives: hosting two virtual sets a week on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. These sets provided an escape from life’s tribulations, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in an hour of soul-soothing music.

Remarkably, even in this virtual realm, our guest could sense the palpable energy of his audience. This transformative experience not only benefited those tuning in but also rekindled a blazing passion within themselves. It became clear that his calling was to be a beacon of light in these trying times, prompting them to offer his DJ services to corporations for virtual events and in-person gatherings.

This calling is not just a job; it’s a mission. Each event is a unique canvas upon which he paints a vibrant tapestry of music and inspiration. He engages in meaningful conversations with clients to understand his goals and objectives, skillfully harnessing his own expertise in sales, marketing, and public speaking to craft a one-of-a-kind, interactive journey. These performances serve as a powerful force, lifting spirits, boosting morale, and fostering unity among diverse and geographically dispersed audiences.

Martin firmly believes that music is the nourishment of the soul. It possesses the extraordinary power to spread joy and momentarily liberate us from life’s burdens. His DJ sets are masterfully curated to achieve precisely that while also sparking profound contemplation and unleashing creativity.

Looking ahead, he is excited about cultivating enduring relationships with his clients, including names like GitLab, Nike, Google, Campbell’s, Cisco, Workday, Dell, ManyChat, SAS, and more. In his eyes, it’s akin to building a long-standing membership at a gym, where everyone stays engaged, inspired, and ready to embark on this musical journey together.


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