What DJing can teach you about experience design. Create unforgettable events that tick all the boxes

DJ Graffiti, known as The Keynote DJ, has defied conventions in his DJ career.

Originating from Detroit, he initially made a name for himself as a prominent club and concert DJ, sharing stages with eminent artists such as Eminem, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, and Big Sean.

However, his path took an unconventional turn. DJ Graffiti ventured beyond the realm of music, applying his law and business degrees to establish a digital marketing agency. In this role, he adeptly guided clients in areas such as content strategy, traffic management, and sales conversion. Despite his achievements, he sensed a lack of personal fulfillment in his work.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic brought about a pivotal change. Recognizing an opportunity to uplift people’s spirits through his talents, he initiated a series of virtual DJ sets. These sets, broadcasted on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch, offered an avenue for individuals to temporarily escape their worries and immerse themselves in music.

Remarkably, even in the virtual landscape, DJ Graffiti could tangibly feel the positive energy of his virtual audience. This experience kindled his own enthusiasm as he realized his ability to serve as a beacon of positivity. It became evident that he was destined for more — to extend his services as a DJ to corporations for virtual gatherings and in-person celebrations.

This newfound pursuit resonates with him on a profound level, feeling like a true calling. He views each event as a unique occasion to effect change. Collaborating closely with clients, he harnesses his background in sales, marketing, and public speaking to craft tailor-made interactive experiences. These experiences not only elevate moods and boost morale but also bring together diverse and geographically dispersed audiences.

At the heart of it all, DJ Graffiti recognizes the power of music to nourish the soul, disseminate happiness, and provide respite from life’s challenges. His DJ sets achieve precisely that, simultaneously inspiring contemplation and creativity.

Looking ahead, DJ Graffiti envisions cultivating enduring relationships with his clients, an array of esteemed names including GitLab, Nike, Google, Campbell’s, Cisco, Workday, Dell, ManyChat, and SAS. His aspiration mirrors that of a gym membership, where he aims to continuously engage and inspire his clients through his exceptional DJ skills.

Join us as we chat with him about what DJing can teach you about experience design and how to create unforgettable events that tick all the boxes.

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↳ DJ Graffiti | https://djgraffiti.com/
↳ DJ Graffiti on LinkedIn | https://www.linkedin.com/in/djgraffiti/


↳ Event Canvas | http://www.eventcanvas.org/

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Air Date: September 18, 2023

Episode: 29

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