Virtual Event Engagement – illustrated

Dusty and Emma from Ink Factory

Engaging your attendees in any setting is tough and in a virtual setting, it can seem downright daunting which is why for the next couple of episodes, we will be focusing on guests that have some unique ideas that will energize your event.

First up is Dusty and Emma from Ink Factory. If you are not in the know, Ink Factory helps engage your audience, employees, and clients by bringing content to life through drawing real-time visual notes at events and meetings. Rather than dive into the details, I encourage you to watch the segment below via YouTube where you can see it in action. IT TOTALLY ROCKS.

In fact, it rocks so much, we can show you our own virtual notes!

An image of illustrated notes

Some of the things we cover in our interview:

  • What is Ink Factory and how do they do what they do?
  • Why engagement is getting tougher and why it is mission critical to your success.
  • We are huge fans and have witnessed their creations at many events but how does it translate to virtual.


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Video Replay

Air Date: June 1, 2020

Episode: 10

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Episode Guest

Dusty Folwarczny

Ink Factory

United States