Rethinking the Conference Poster Session

When  ya been quiet for a bit, it is always good to come back with a bang and  that is exactly what Tess and I set out to do after a WHOLE YEAR of no  episodes. This week, we are joined by our guest Tamsin Treasure Jones  (coolest name evah!) of Kubify to chat about their next generation of  technology that will take your  after-thought-crammed-into-the-moldy-basement poster sessions and  bringing them into the digital age. Imagine, poster sessions can now be  interactive, multimedia, and long lived. They can appeal not only to in-person attendees but to your virtual audience as well.

BUT WAIT!  There’s more! Poster sessions used to be something that only lived  during the event or conference and then they were lost to the dust bin  of history… Now, they can move in tandem with your event’s 365 day plan  by being available throughout the year.


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Air Date: December 16, 2021

Episode: 17

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Episode Guest

Tamsin Treasure-Jones


United Kingdom