Game, Set, RegMatch – Registration Built by Meeting Planners

Zita Steglich-Ross, CMP and Lori L. Burke, CMP

Experience Matters

Women leading event tech companies are rare, Black Women leading event tech companies are few… But those who dare become legends. Such is the case of our guests Zita Steglich-Ross, CMP and Lori Burke, CMP. Two amazing EventProfs that are leading the way in online registration with their company regmatch®.

Together, they gathered up their seven decades of combined experience in meeting and event planning and created a registration product that was built by planners, for planners. Their ethos is that every event deserves a solution that provides a seamless journey from registration to itineraries, meetings to payment. And on top of that, it does badges too!



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Air Date: June 18, 2020

Episode: 13

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Episode Guest

Lori L. Burke, CMP


United States

Zita Steglich-Ross, CMP


United States