Decoding Event Data: How EQ Meets IQ with Ross Cooper

In today’s episode, we’re blending the worlds of tech, observation, and brand activation. To guide us through this intersection, we have with Ross Cooper, a Senior Integrated Strategist at Inspira Marketing Group. As many of you might know, Inspira isn’t just any marketing agency; they operate at the nexus of EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and IQ (Intellectual Quotient), crafting brand experiences that resonate both emotionally and intellectually with audiences.

While data-driven insights play a monumental role in event planning – guiding decisions from venue selection to attendee engagement – it’s the human touch, the ability to observe and understand attendees, that crafts unforgettable moments. Ross knows this balance all too well. Consider the simple act of observing reactions during a keynote or the dynamics of a networking session. Such nuances, when combined with structured feedback mechanisms like digital tools and platforms, offer a full spectrum of insights. Take, for instance, the enthusiasm attendees might show when engaging with local artisans – while data might suggest the logistical advantage, human observation captures the essence, the ‘why’ behind that preference.

Event planning isn’t just about numbers or isolated observations. It’s a harmonious ballet of empirical evidence and experiential intuition. And as Ross and the Inspira Marketing Group demonstrate, when you fuel that harmony with a deep understanding of EQ and IQ, events transition from mere gatherings to transformative brand activations. Have a listen as we delve deeper into this fascinating synergy with our amazing guest!

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Air Date: September 18, 2023

Episode: 30

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Episode Guest

Ross Cooper

Inspira Marketing Group

United States