Avoiding Virtual Event Pitfalls and The Weeks #EventTech News

Keith Johnston and Tess Vismale of the Event Tech Pull Up

In the episode, Tess and Keith talk about avoiding some of the pitfalls when pivoting your live event to virtual. News includes Attendify’s new virtual platform, Hio’s new virtual networking features, and Splash Virtual’s event marketing programs.

Common Virtual Event Pitfalls to Avoid

Here are the highlights of the traps you might fall into when you are going from live to virtual.

  • Too much tech or picking the wrong platform.
  • You must have a plan
    Practice, Practice, Practice
    Incomplete instructions for attendees.
  • Make sure to have a rehearsal for speakers.
  • Check your speakers set up long before they go live.
  • Not all presentations have to be live – Example UPPERCASE2020.
  • Not all attendees want to network.


Companies in the Event Tech News

This week, we talked about:

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Air Date: April 10, 2020

Episode: 1

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