Are We There Yet? The Ultimate Event Team Communication App – Part I

In this episode of the podcast, Keith and Tess dive into the game-changing features of There.App, a revolutionary tool for event planners. They discuss how There.App transforms communication and collaboration, ensuring seamless connectivity among team members, vendors, and volunteers during conferences and events, enhancing on-site teamwork by offering access to project information, facilitating smooth team communication, and optimizing on-site execution with real-time location tracking, which helps keep everyone coordinated and aware of each other’s activities. has amazing features like the team directory, project calendar, task checklist, file sharing, live chat, and unique location perspective that allows users to mark key locations on maps and share live locations (of course there are privacy controls). Customizable boards enhance team productivity and focus on critical tasks.

About There.App

There.App revolutionizes communication and collaboration for meeting and event planners, offering a professional solution to keep team members, vendors, and volunteers connected during conferences and events. With a focus on enhancing on-site teamwork, There.App provides access to project information, seamless team communication, and efficient on-site execution. It keeps track of team members’ locations, identifies their companions, and monitors live activities, ensuring that everyone stays coordinated.

One of There.App’s key strengths is its ability to streamline information management, eliminating the chaos of scattered data across multiple platforms. It offers a unified interface that simplifies navigation through various essential features like the team directory, project calendar, task checklist, file sharing, and live chat. This consolidation ensures that all event-related information is readily accessible in one place.

Additionally, There.App adds a valuable location perspective to event planning, allowing users to pin important locations on maps and share live locations with privacy controls. The platform also facilitates instant mastery with lightweight, intuitive modules that empower teams to be immediately productive. Customizable boards and project homes keep the team focused on critical tasks.

Furthermore, There.App is committed to polished production, offering tools for styling, theming, and messaging to enhance team buy-in and motivation. Project managers can exert control over branding and design, projecting an image of high-quality production and white-glove service standards.

The platform seamlessly integrates with other systems, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and rich functionality. Its simple features work harmoniously, consolidating data sources and catering to individual preferences. Ultimately, There.App allows event planners to concentrate on what truly matters, amplifying crucial information, guiding toward success, and providing notifications about new developments in any module. In summary, There.App is a comprehensive tool that empowers event planners to streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and ensure the success of conferences and events with a professional touch.

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Air Date: September 14, 2023

Episode: 28

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