An Awarding Hour of Event Tech

An Awarding Hour

Some people are amazingly patient. You should know that Adam Parry is one of those people. This episode was actually recorded a couple of months ago and then boom… Things happened. A few client events here, new technologies to learn there, and the next thing you know, it is October.

So, putting my procrastination aside, let’s learn a little more about Adam before you dive into this episode.

Most know that he is the co-founder and editor of the online magazine, Event Industry News, but that is not his only superpower. Adam is also one of the industries foremost technology evangelists and co-created Event Tech Live and the Event Technology Awards, a world-renowned awards event showcasing the very best in event technology which is coming up this November!

During this episode we touch on increasing attendance in the virtual space, how technology is changing the event industry, and the role of the event technologist! 


To learn more about Adam and his event industry empire, check out some of his links:

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Air Date: October 2, 2020

Episode: 15

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Adam Parry

Event Tech Live

United Kingdom