A Conversation with InEvent, Part II – The InEvent Walk Through

In part II of our conversation with Pedro and Cecilia, they walk us through the InEvent Platform and show what it can do for your virtual and hybrid events.

Right away, you can see that the platform is easy to use, very customizable, and has features that few others offer at this price point. From a virtual lobby and breakout rooms to their award winning Control Room, registration, badging, and access control, you will be hard pressed to find any virtual or hybrid event they cannot tackle.

Pull up a chair, grab a glass of whatever floats your boat, and learn about the platform that stopped us in our tracks at PCMA Convening Leaders in Las Vegas.

About InEvent

InEvent is passionate about virtual and hybrid technologies. They are building one of the most powerful and versatile platforms for virtual and hybrid events.

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Air Date: March 16, 2022

Episode: 19

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Episode Guest

Pedro Góes


United States

Cecilia Lavin


United Kingdom